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tv4africaplayer is a program that allows you to view African TV Channels
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tv4africaplayer is a program that allows you to view African TV Channels.
This program has an easy to use interface to play in your computer media that is streamed through the Internet.

It is focused on African channels, from several countries of the continent. Unfortunately, most of the channels are locked, and you have to pay 5 euros (6.80 dollars) through PayPal should you want to watch them. Most of the free channels were airing the same content (GTV) when I tested the program to write this review.

Along with the TV channels, the program allows to view tutorials about programming in Basic, C, etc. and soccer matches. This content is blocked till you pay for it, too. The program has tabs for African Movies and Adverts but they are not available yet.

tv4africaplayer displays the list of channels on a frame placed at the right of your window. The content of the selected channel will be displayed on the left, with the play, stop and volume controls below it. You can tell the program to show the streaming video in Full Screen or in the Original Size.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It is very easy to use


  • Offers too few free channels
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